Concerns for Business Owners

Small business owners have to be on their toes a whole lot more than those in big business because there is not a lot of insulation from disaster. It is a constant battle to keep afloat and many small businesses in the US hover on the brink of non-profitability especially since the economic downturn that affected even large corporations. The last thing a small business owner needs is to be liable for a workplace accident.

Employees get injured all the time, and in the white collar setting this is usually slip and fall accidents. In more hazardous workplaces, such as in construction, the most common is also slip and fall, but from height, which makes it more dangerous than skidding across a polished floor. Other workplace injuries involve equipment malfunction, exposure to chemicals or hazardous substances, repetitive motion, or the weather. However, even if the injury occurred in the workplace or outside the workplace but in the commission of the employee’s job, it does not necessarily make the employer liable.

There are injuries that may be due to the employee’s disregard of safety rules and procedures that are in place, such as the wearing of protective clothing, or using a harness when necessary. Employees are also expected to take reasonable care of their own safety while at work, so if the injury is due to horseplay, or heels that are way too high, the employer cannot be said to be responsible. On the other hand, if the employer fails to observe the duty to provide workers with a reasonably safe work environment, then the employer may be liable for more than what the workers’ compensation insurance will give.

Whenever a workplace accident occurs, the question is if it could have been prevented, and who is liable for it happening. If you believe that your employer is to blame for your injuries sustained in the workplace, then you should get the help of a lawyer to prove it.

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