Insuring Your Vehicles Saves Money

Any type of vehicle carries a load of responsibility for the owner, and as such entails a significant investment. It is a means of transportation, but more than that it is a potential source of harm to the people inside or on it, and for those who are within its vicinity. Moreover, expensive vehicles such as a custom yacht probably set the owner back a pretty penny, so any damage is sure to burn an even larger hole in the pocket. Whether ensuring coverage for liability or property damage, it just makes perfect sense to get adequate insurance for all your vehicles.

Third party liability (TPL) car insurance in Chicago or anywhere else in the US is mandatory for drivers, but this only covers bodily injury and property damage to the other guy up to certain limit. Anything above that limit is an out-of-pocket expense for you as the at-fault driver. Personal injury claims against you can actually be covered by your insurance company if you get enough coverage. At least $100,000 each for personal injury and property damage is the recommended third party coverage, and more is better.

It should also be noted TPL coverage will not cover your own medical expenses or property damage, so stinting on the premiums of good insurance coverage could lead to a whole lot more financial exposure for you even if you don’t have a third party to contend with. Vehicular accidents on land or water can lead to a world of hurt that will not be easy to recover from, both for you physically and your vehicle. Habush Habush & Rottier S.C.® recommends investing in insurance for your own injuries and property damage.

When unsure about what would be adequate coverage for you and your vehicle, consult with a reputable insurance company in your area. They will provide you with a quote for what you need and what you can afford.

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